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Designed for measuring and analysing your cycling.

An 8-function wireless cyclometer that is easy to install.
technical Description

descriptive technical

Speed functions
Current, average and maximum speed. Speed comparison (compares the current speed with the average speed for the ride).
Distance functions
Partial (ride) and total distance.
Time functions
Digital clock, stopwatch.
General functions
Low-battery indicator on the speed sensor.
Info and advices

Info and advices

Restricted use
Interference may occur when fitted to an electric bike.

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United Kingdom
(473 notes)
(473 notes)
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david, The 10/07/2017
Good piece of kit, have reset back to zero, however when I cycle I get no distance tracked
Julian, The 04/06/2017
Not working
I've had several other wireless bike computers and always been able to get them set up and working fairly quickly, but I found this one to be fiddly to install and sadly it is working. I've read other reviews and seen comments about getting the magnet and sensor fairly close, so I've ensured that they're practically touching but the unit still won't work. One of the Decathlon responses I read to a comment said that a new magnetless design is being released, when will this be? It looks like I'm going to have to remove the unit and return it to the store, which means a fairly long drive. Not overly happy.
Reply from b'Twin :

I'm sorry to read that you've had issues with your unit. Can I ask you if when not installed (simulating the passing of the magnet with your hands) does the unit still not pick up a signal? If not then the battery may be faulty or the emitter.
The exact release date for the new model is not yet announced.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON