Elops 100 City Bike - Black


Designed for occasional short rides in town.

A simple town bike that is easy to handle and includes a lifetime warranty on the frame.
technical Description

descriptive technical

26" | 28" |
Frame : 100.0% Steel
Hi-Ten steel. Unisex city geometry (lowered frame to makes it easier to get on/off the frame). The frame geometry is specially designed for cycling around town.
Unisex frame, height-adjustable saddle and stem (1.55 m to 1.85 m).
6 speeds on the external derailleur. This bike's 6 speeds gives you versatility on moderate inclines. It makes it easier for cyclists to climb hills and set off after stopping a red light.
Front and rear aluminium V-brake callipers.
Efficient and safe braking.
Handlebar / stem / steering
Steel handlebar with a specially designed geometry; steel damper stem. Seat clamp collar, comfortable saddle, steel seat post.
The riding position has been designed to allow good handling and visibility.
Saddle / seat post
The saddle is sturdy enough to stand up to daily use in town. Steel seat post.
Single-wall raw aluminium rims. Tyres require consistent pressure (between 3.5 and 4.5 bar) to prevent punctures and rim deformation.
Bolt-on hubs to prevent theft.
26" town stiff bead tyres.
Accessories / equipment
Mudguard, partial chainguard, stand.
Front and rear battery-powered lights.
14.6 kg.
Info and advices

Info and advices

Restricted use
Not for use on rough terrain.

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United Kingdom
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(154 notes)
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Gwen, The 12/01/2018
Elops 100 City Bike
Exactly what I need for riding around town. Really easy to manoeuvre, lightweight and comfortable. 6 gears is just right for me, I neither want nor need 18. It also looks good.
Martin, The 02/01/2018
My girlfriend bought this bike to keep at her flat in Spain. Only 139 Euros. She loves it. So far it has performed well. It’s a basic and simple bike, if looked after it should last many years.... Having only 6 gears is perfect as it’s easy to choose the correct gear and there is less that can go wrong... If you do want to use a bike somewhere hilly you will probably need more gears...