Elops 500 E Electric Bike


Designed for boosting your rides around town thanks to electrical assistance.

A comfy, affordable electric bike with a battery power that will last up to 45 km. Easy to use (rechargeable and simply screen) and safe (10 lux LED lighting built into the frame).
technical Description

descriptive technical

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25.6 kg.
Frame (for bike) : 100.0% Steel Main fabric : 100.0% Battery - Lilo
Lowered, steel frame makes it easy to get on and off.
Made out of steel for a very strong bike.
Designed for users between 1.60 m and 1.80 m tall.
Curved, steel fork to reduce vibrations.
Shimano 6-speed with grip shifter. Easy to use. Single chainring crankset. Shimano derailleur.
Motor / battery
250 watts (complies with EU standard), brushless motor, mounted on the rear wheel. Motor torque: 26 Nm.
24 volt, 8.8 Ah battery. 2-year warranty (from 350 to 500 charge cycles at 100%).Very stable Samsung components. Everything is controlled by an LED dashboard with 3 modes + a "walking" mode that lets you push the bike along while walking next to it.

Battery range of 30 to 45 km. The range depends on the weight of the rider, the type of use, the gradient, outdoor temperature, etc.
Aluminium V-brakes with interchangeable pads.
The weight and speed of electric bikes reduces the lifespan of your brake pads: in poor conditions (rain, regularly carrying loads on the bike, etc.) the lifespan is 400 km.
Saddle / seat post
Aluminium seat post, comfort saddle.
Tyres / wheels
28-inch, 36-spoke wheels with a double rim for extra sturdiness.
Wide tyres for added comfort.
Accessories / equipment
Built-in pannier rack with attachment system for self-locking panniers, mudguard, chainguard, strong aluminium stand specially designed to hold the weight of an electric bike, bell.
Bike comes with charger.
10 lux LED lights built into the frame so that you can see 30 m ahead and be seen from 150 m behind. The lighting controls are on the handlebar.
Power supplied by the battery.
Weight: 25.6 kg.
Care tips
Tyres lose pressure over time. This is normal since bike inner tubes are slightly porous. Don't forget to check your tyre pressure regularly.
Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures. Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your electric bike and remove the battery.

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United Kingdom
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(303 notes)
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Amanda, The 16/10/2017
Spare Battery
Does anyone know if you can buy a spare battery for this bike?
tracey, The 20/07/2017
not impressed
felt like you was having to do a lot of pedling and the motor was doing nothing.Taking it back for refund after 12 hours owning it.Can do better on a normal bike
Reply from b'Twin :

The pedal assistance will start to kick in when the bike gearing starts to be put under pressure. Pedaling is still required but you should not need to make any significant effort whilst cycling. The pedaling assist motor will continue to provide help to the cyclist up to around 17mph but no more as it is restricted by law.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON