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Which bike is best for kids under four?

From tricycles (the classic kids' bike), to balance bikes (pedal-less bikes for learning to balance) and kids' bikes with stabilisers, kids under the age of four have a host of options for discovering the joys of cycling. The key priorities when choosing a kids' bike are comfort and safety. You should therefore make sure you choose a bike whose size and age recommendation are appropriate for your young cyclist. The better the fit, the quicker they will learn to ride and the more fun they will have. In order to make your child's bike last as long as possible, ensure that the saddle and handlebar height are adjustable. B'TWIN's children's bikes are designed with kids in mind, combining comfort and safety when learning, because it is thanks to this feeling of safety that kids will grow in confidence! In order to make things as safe as possible, remember to get your child a children's helmet and kids' cycling accessories (horn, toy carrier, etc.).

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