Technical partners

The FDJ Cycling Team

Five years ago, B'TWIN decided that we wanted to dress the most demanding cyclists in the industry. Find out how this intention became a reality with the FDJ cycling team.


B’TWIN increased its support of the project, which went on to become the B’TWIN U19 Racing Team and which has just been joined by the FDJ cycling team.

Jean Christophe Peraud

Our partnership with Jean Christophe Peraud was born out of a common goal: to make the best road cycling shoes possible while keeping prices affordable. Jean Christophe makes use of his engineering background and high-level cycling experience. We also work with him on our MTB shoes because, of course, he was once the Olympic XC MTB runner up.

Eric Leblacher

An ex-professional racer and currently a renowned amateur rider (Duathlon, cyclocross, etc.), Eric works alongside our engineers and product managers to develop our competition road bike range. His experience helps us to make the right choices to serve all of our customers, whether they are recreational or competitive riders.


The MTB RACING TEAM began in 2013 with a technical partnership between B'TWIN and mountain biker Pierre Geoffroy Plantet. B'TWIN then decided to build a UCI team of riders for him to work with so that he could test his products at the highest level.


Lucie and Julie Croissant are charming ambassadors for the B’TWIN brand. This female partnership is proof of the brand's desire to develop a high-performance, technical offer specially designed for women.