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How to have a successful Mtb tour ?

Mountain biking is a good way to get out of your normal routine and spend some time in nature. But to ensure your first outings are a good experience, be sure to avoid the pitfalls! Outings that are poorly planned …

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What to take on your mtb rides

If you haven’t been mountain biking for long, a nagging question keeps surfacing before each ride: “What gear should I take on a MTB ride?” “What equipment do I need to make repairs? What protective gear should I wear to …

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Why switch to a single chainring ?

Single chainring bikes are one of the latest revolutions in the world of mountain biking.Originally designed for athletes, the single chainring is now accessible to all mountain bikers. What is a single chainring? Is it for everyone? Why switch to …

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To avoid minor breakdowns and make the most of your bike outing with family or friends, it’s important to do a few checks before you set out. YOUR BIKE’S CONDITION BEFORE YOU LEAVE The better you take care of your …

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What attributes will improve your mountain biking?

Do you feel like your mountain biking isn’t really improving? To take things up a notch, you need to develop certain specific attributes: endurance, strength, speed, mindset, technique… Mix up your training to get the hang of them and improve your …

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Prepping your season and sport cycling calendar

During winter it’s often a struggle to motivate yourself to get out and train. With rides being that little bit shorter, it can be a good time to get ready for the upcoming season. Browsing a calendar of events you …

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What should you do if your bike gets stolen?

Every year thousands of bikes are stolen, mostly in big cities. It could happen to absolutely anybody, even with all the bike locks in the world. But even if you know all the tricks of the trade for keeping your …

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The importance of the off-season

One season is over, and the next one is on its way. But you can’t afford to put your feet up! A well-deserved rest doesn’t necessarily mean complete inactivity, because the off-season is the time to get ready for next …


Calibrating your cyclometer accurately

After a training or recreational mountain bike ride, cyclists often like to have some stats on their outing such as average speed, distance covered or average distance. To get this info, you need to install a cyclometer. It’s easy, inexpensive, …

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Planning a bike tour

If you want things to go as smoothly as possible, it’s best to plan your tour a few months in advance. Don’t forget, slow and steady wins the race! So get your itinerary, documents, equipment, accommodation and catering sorted using …

How to maintain and repair your bicycle ?

Must-have workshop tools

Without maintenance, your bike is going to suffer. This could put your safety at risk or make your rides less enjoyable. To avoid all that, it’s best to learn how to use a few essential tools that will help you …

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Cyclists' hairdos: a guide

It can be a great feeling having your long hair whipped around by the wind. But when you’re cycling, having hair over your eyes isn’t always the best thing! So remember to tie back your hair! Ponytails There’s nothing simpler, …